Tuesday, November 3, 2015

"Rhys" - Star Wars: Into the Abyss, Episode 4 Chapter 1

A new member joins the crew.

Episode 4 Chapter 1

After rescuing mon calamari fugitive
Kara Pacha, Evo and the crew of the 
Riptide set into motion a plan to
rescue her mentor, Doctor Topas,
the scientist forced against his will to create
the disease used to enslave the native
inhabitants of Aulai.

The crew of rebels infiltrated
the imperial communications tower
and learned that Doctor Topas was
to be transported to the imperial prison facility
at the edge of the system.

If they were to have any chance in 
intercepting the transport and freeing 
Doctor Topas, they would need a communications jammer
installed on the Riptide. An encrypted
message was sent to the Shadow, 
Evo's contact in the rebellion. 

The Crew of the Riptide
Evo Shandor - nautolan transport captain
Balin Lee - young human Jedi-in-training
Emily Wonder - human mercenary
Eggs Ledscramb - quarren bounty hunter

Rhys March - twi'lek tech-spec
Evo received an encrypted holo-transmission from the Shadow. The dark silhouette instructed Evo to contact someone named Char-Six, a dealer in black market technology on Chador. She would have something for him.

Evo and the crew followed the Shadow's instructions and went to a repair shop in the lower levels of the spaceport facility. The shop was filled with starships in various stages of repair and disassembly. The dark corners of the shop were occasionally illuminated by the incandescent flashes of welding. The sound of power tools echoed through the cavernous space. They asked for Char-Six and were led to a muscular woman with black hair held in a bun by two long needles. She was accompanied by a large quadrupedal droid - a kind of robotic guard dog. The robotic guardian glared at the intruders with glowing eyes and jaws like a bear trap. The woman patted it on the head and gave the crew a glance of appraisal.
Char-Six, probably not someone you want to antagonize
Warily, she asked who sent them and what they wanted. Evo replied that they had a mutual friend who preferred to remain in the "shadow". She understood and led them to a private room where she introduced herself as Char-Six. She said that the Shadow had told her they'd be coming and that she knew all about their mission. She said they needed a comm jammer. Unfortunately, those are illegal and even if she could get one, it would cost 5000 credits for the hardware and 1000 more to install. However, she knew someone that could help them.

She led them down a corridor and into a room piled high with computer cores and droid logic matrices. There they found a bright pink female twi'lek tinkering with some electronics and an old ASP-7 droid loyally standing nearby. She looked up, her eyes comically magnified by her goggles.

Rhys March
Char-Six introduced them to Rhys March, a droid programmer who had recently created a new type of communications jammer. It was an experimental prototype and Rhys was itching to try it out. Evo asked where it was.
Rys March
Rhys took off her goggles and answered, "Right there!"

Evo, confused, replied, "Where? Behind the droid?"

Rhys moved closer to the ASP-7, "No, it IS the droid! It's been modified to act as a short-range active frequency jammer. It turns any ship's communications suite into a comm jammer!"

Evo dubiously inspected the antique droid, "Will it work?"

Rhys replied with confidence, "Absolutely! When do we leave?"

Evo stood back, "What do you mean? We just need the droid."

Rhys nearly jumped, "NO!" then regained her composure, "I mean, the communications systems are highly advanced and need constant adjustment. There are very delicate circuits that could overheat and melt if not properly maintained. You'll need me to care for it. Plus, I can do other stuff. I'm also a qualified starship technician. What kind of ship do you fly?"

Evo beamed, "Mon calamari design, Deep Water class. It's submersible!"

Balin rolled his eyes, "It reeks of fish!"

Evo growled, "It's a WORK OF ART!"

Balin countered, "When we get back, I'm telling mom you sold drugs."

"I did not sell drugs! We only transported drugs!" Evo yelled.

Rhys sidled up to Eggs, "Are they always like that?"

The quarren sighed and said, "Ugh, yes. Like all the time."

"Are you two brothers?" the twi'lek inquired.

The nautolan and the human responded in unison, "YES!/NO! He's/I'm adopted!"

Rhys nodded her head in understanding, "Ah."

Evo pointed at her and the droid on his way out the door, "You're hired. Get your stuff and get on the ship."

To Be Continued...

This week we welcomed Rose into our group.

The exchange above is embellished a little but is pretty much how it went down. It was a fun bit of role-play and went a long way to establish everyone's personality.