Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Optimal Firing Position in d6 Star Wars

Space Combat in d6 Star Wars relies on firing arcs. It's important to keep track of which of your arcs your enemy is in because your weapons and shields only cover specific arcs. Also, it's important to keep track of which of your enemy's arcs you are in for the same reason. Sometimes you want to maneuver so that an enemy is in your best arc. Sometimes you want to maneuver so that you are in the enemy's worst arc. Meanwhile, the enemy is doing the same.

What space combat in d6 Star Wars doesn't really cover is how to determine who is in whose arcs. At its simplest, I'd simply let the player choose. But where is becomes difficult is when an NPC is smart enough to oppose the player's choice. Who is right? Who wins?

I have written the following simple rules to help me determine those answers.

1. Space combat initiative is determined by the PER of the pilot or captain.
  • The combatant that wins the initiative is the Attacker.
  • The combatant that loses the initiative is called the Defender.
2. Fire arcs:
  • Forward, Rear, Left, or Right
  • Above or Below
3. The Attacker can use an action to press the attack: Make a pilot + maneuver roll.
  • The Attacker chooses which of their arcs their opponents are in (usually forward)
  • The Attacker chooses which of their opponent's arcs they are in (usually rear)
  • The Attacker can cede initiative to all of their opponents and keep their actions for dodges.
4. The Defender can spend a reaction to counter the Attacker's maneuver: Make a pilot + maneuver roll and compare to the Attacker's result above.
  • If the Defender's result is higher, the Defender is still in the Attacker's arc of the Attacker's choice (usually forward) but now the Attacker is in the Defender's arc of the Defender's choice (usually forward).
  • If the Defender's result is lower, there is no change to arcs.
  • The Defender can choose to do nothing, letting the attacker position the Defender anywhere the Attacker likes, keeping their reactions for dodges. 
As you can see, initiative (and therefore PER) plays a big part in this, as whoever wins initiative has the advantage.

5. Open fire!