Friday, November 27, 2015

"Flashback" - Star Wars: Riptide, Episode 6 Chapter 1

Episode 6 Chapter 1

The Empire forced kaminoan microbiologist
Doctor Ardap Topas to create a disease
that was used to oppress and enslave
the aquatic natives of the water planet Auilai.

Unbeknownst to his Imperial overseers, 

Doctor Topas also created a cure for his disease
and kept it hidden in plain sight
in his residence.

The crew of the Riptide, 

has freed Doctor Topas 
from an Imperial prison transport
and must transport him 
and the cure he has created
from the Imperial sector capital of Chador
and back to Auilai.

Having recently failed 
to rescue Doctor Topas' 
assistant, Kara Pacha, 
the crew attempts to escape
from her mysterious murderer
in a stolen air-speeder...

The Crew of the Riptide
Evo Shandor - nautolan transport captain
Balin Lee - young human Jedi-in-training
Emily Wonder - human mercenary
Eggs Ledscramb - quarren bounty hunter
Rhys March - twi'lek tech-spec

GM Note - I was actually all prepared to start this week's session off picking up where the last session's climax left off, but the players wanted to resolve all the upgrades and repairs first, so we had a little flashback.
This chapter plays out like Project Management: the Role-Playing Game, but it was a great test of my new homebrew Repair and Upgrade rules that reward good die rolls for repair. 

The Riptide had just Bakki station on its way back to Chador. The hold was full of junk parts and damaged components.

Evo had left Rhys with clear instructions:
  1. Shields Upgrade
  2. Secret Compartment
  3. Masking Code Modulator
  4. New Refresher Module
GM Note - I got a chance to use my new repair rules. They worked very well! 
Rhys March

Rhys got to work. Meanwhile, Balin sat cross-legged and began to concentrate. Rhys coordinated Eggs, Parts Drop, and Jamm-Bot 2.0 in helping her. Rhys could feel the force flowing through her, directing her hands and lending authority to her voice, helping her to give direction when it was needed and to back off when it was not. 
GM Note - After Balin's Enhanced Coordination and Battle Meditation, and the assistance of the droids, Rhys was rolling 8D (avg 28) on her Space Transport Repair skill 
The shields required a complete overhaul. Rhys went ahead and purchased components for an upgraded 3D shield system. Normally, 3D shields would cost 20,000 credits. However, Rhys bought a busted shield generator for a steal, only 10,000 credits! She knew she would have to repair it, a Difficult (20) task that would require 24 hours of work. She estimated repairs would also require 4950 credits worth of repair parts. 
Rhys rolled a few sixes on her Wild Die and got 40. That's +20 over the difficulty, multiplying the parts and time by 0.65. The shields took only 15.6 hours and used up only 3217 credits worth of repair parts!
After working on the shields for 16 hours straight, she slept for six hours. No longer needed, Balin went into deep hibernation for 19 hours. 

The next "morning", she got up and went to work on the secret compartment.
The false wall panels made of scanner-resistant material she had purchased from the scrap yard on Bakki station would have cost 2000 credits new. She would up getting these rusted and dented panels for only 1000 credits. She estimated 6 hours to install the wall panels in the cargo hold, an Easy (10) task that would require 500 credits in parts. She rolled 31, +21 over the difficulty, multiplying the parts and time by 0.50. 

The compartment took only three hours and half the required parts!

She then got to work on the masking code modulator that would generate the false transponder codes. 
A new modulator would have cost her 1500 credits. The busted one she purchased was only 750 credits. Fixing it and installing it was an Easy (10) task. She figured 6 hours to repair and install with 500 credits in parts. She rolled 19, +9 over the difficulty, multiplying the parts and time by 0.85. 
Installing the modulator took five hours and used 318 credits worth of parts.

Rhys checked her chronometer. She had seven hours before arrival in Chador. All she had left was the new refresher module. 

She had purchased a broken refresher module back on Bakki station for 1250 credits. She estimated installation and connection to the ship's waste disposal pipes, along with repair of the module itself, would take six hours and require 500 credits in parts, pipes, wiring, and tubing.
Refresher Booth

So she took a nap for three hours!

After her nap, she got up and went to work. She had four hours left and six hours worth of work. 
Installing and repairing the refresher was an Easy (10) task. She rolled 34, +24 over what she needed. 
She installed the refresher in three hours and used only 250 credits worth of parts.
In all, the broken and busted components cost 13 thousand credits to purchase. Fixing them took 27 hours instead of 42. Although she purchased 6325 credits worth of repair parts, she did the job using only 4080 credits in parts.  
Had she purchased all the components new, it would have cost 26 thousand credits. By purchasing used and borken components and repairing them, Rhys saved the crew 6675 credits, and there were still 2245 credits worth of extra repair parts in the cargo hold.