Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Star Wars: Riptide

Sorry for the silent blog the past few months. I took a break from game-mastering for a while to work on our Doctor Who costumes for Dragon*Con 2015. That was a lot of fun.

During that time, Woobee ran D&D Fifth Edition, creating a campaign-world loosely inspired by Conan but set in a world that shared the same coastline as our own.

Once he was done, and Dragon*Con was over, I decided to run a D&D palate-cleanser. Something completely not-D&D for a few months. I have chosen the old Star Wars RPG by West End Games, specifically Star Wars 2nd Edition Revised and Expanded.

The campaign is classic Star Wars, inspired heavily by the Star Wars Rebels TV series - which itself is very much a classic Star Wars RPG campaign brought to life.

The PCs are all members of a covert rebel cell operating within the Chador sector. They undertake missions for the rebellion and stick it to the Empire at every opportunity.

The Chador Sector
The action takes place within the Chador sector on the outer rim.

Auilai (Nesia)
A lot of the action will start on the water world known to the natives as Auilai. The world has been occupied by the Empire and its inhabitants forced to mine for ulcault.

The Crew of the Riptide
Evo Shandor, Nautolan captain and owner of the Riptide
Eggs Ledscramb, Quarren bounty hunter
Emily Wonder, Human mercenary
Oba Womber, Auilaini water shaper
Balin Lee, Human minor Jedi

The Riptide
The Riptide is a Deep Water-class light freighter of Mon Calamari design. The ship is 45-meters long and is submersible, capable of landing on an ocean and converting into submarine mode.