Nesia (Auilai)

The planet once known as Auilai is a warm aquatic world dotted with several hundred island archipelagos. The world was settled by humans thousands of years ago during the great galactic expansion. A handfull of humans, the descendants of the original colonists, lived a feudal existence here for millenia, occupying a few small towns. Contact was maintained with the galaxy through the one small spaceport on the island of Leanaha.

Fifteen years ago, the Empire assigned a governor to oversee the planet. Resource studies were performed and it was discovered that the planet's crust was rich in Ulcault, a mineral element used in starship engine manufacturing. The Rego mineral company won the contract to exploit the planet's resources. The Ulcault deposits, however, were located deep beneath the planet's global sea and were difficult and expensive to extract. Plans for resource extraction were put on hold until an unlikely event occurred.

The sea floor of Auilai is inhabited by an aquatic species of ichthyoids called the Auilaini. The Auilain are a technologically advanced race living in cities on the sea floor. They have always maintained a cordial but distant relationship with the surface-dwellers on the islands.

When approached about mining the sea floor for Ulcault, the Auilaini refused, citing the sanctity of sacred hunting grounds and aquaculture. An Imperial aquatic force was sent to ensure the cooperation of the Auilaini, but the force was repelled by freak weather and undersea currents. The surface humans of Auilai spoke of a group of native Auilaini wizards known as the Water Shapers. The Water Shapers harness a mysterious power known as the Aqua Vitae that gives them magical abilities. It was believed that the weather and current was the work of these mystics. The Imperials withdrew for a while and set up a blockade around the planet, a tactic that seemed odd at the time given that the Auilaini had little contact with galactic outsiders.

A short while later a plague struck the native Auilaini. The Auilaini began to suffer from a mysterious disease known as branchiomycosis, an affliction that caused their gills to rot. The Empire supplied the inhabitants with the neccesary treatments but on several conditions:

  1. The planet be re-named Nesia.
  2. The native governing democracy submit itself to the will of the Imperial governor and an Auilaini lieutenant of the governor's choosing.
  3. The Rego corporation be allowed to mine the sea floor without impediment.
  4. The Auilaini provide a percentage of its able population to work in the ulcault mines each quarter.
  5. The Water Shapers surrender themselves to the custody of the Empire.
Only when all the conditions are met are the medicines to treat the branchiomycosis provided. The native government capitulated. The Imperial governor installed a lieutenant named Rakai, a brutal Auilaini outlaw and warlord that had been banished to the far side of the planet years before. Rakai and his men ride large ferocious shark-beasts known as zarus. Rakai and his forces rule over the sujugated people of Auilai with an iron fist. The Water Shapers surrendered and were imprisoned off-world. 

Today the once great bubble-cities of the Auilaini have become dilapidated. The population forced to work the ulcault mines in order to receive just enough medicine to keep the branchiomycosis at bay. 

But not all is lost. It is said that a few of the Water Shapers escaped into hiding. It is said that there is an alien physician living in hiding among the Auilaini providing medical services, and that she has access to better medicines from a secret off-world source. Finally, it is also said that a small band of rebels are striking back against Rakai, the Rego corporation, and the Imperial occupation, running the blockade in order to smuggle medicines to the people of Auilai.

The Ruins
Many ancient cities lie in ruins under the oceans of Auilai. The buildings were built for surface-dwellers and are located atop undersea plateaus and seamounts, indicating that they were once above water at some point in the ancient past. The ruins are inhabited by massive beasts and are rumored to contain fabulous treasures.

Type: Terrestrial
Temperature: Hot to Tropical
Atmosphere: Type 1 (breathable)
Hydrosphere: Saturated
Gravity: Standard
Terrain: Ocean
Length of Day: 15 hours
Length of Year: 375 days
Sapient Species: Human, Moanan
Starport: Leanaha
Population: 500,000
Planet Function: Mining
Government: Democratically elected president
Tech Level: Space (surface), Force Fields and Tractor Beams (native)
Maor Exports: Ulcault, water, fish.
Major Imports: Medicine