Star Wars: Riptide - The Chador Sector

The Chador Sector is located at the outer edge of the galaxy where the Corellian Trade Spine meets the Hydian Way.

Aslanidis: A world covered in shallow marshy seas. What little land is covered in sand dunes and flood plain. A fishing colony of 500,000 is located there.

Bakki Station: A deep space station that serves as a refueling and resupply base for ships using the Corellian Run from Chador out to the colonies. It is operated by the Hutt syndicate.

Chador: Located at the crossing of the Nossian and Hadarian trade routes at the edge of the galaxy, Chador is a strategic world with a large Imperial Fleet base. It is the administrative capital for the entire sector. Chador is orbited by many military space stations and its surface serves as a destination for shore leave for the many Imperial Fleet personnel that pass through. Chador itself is a terrestrial world with several continental land masses and a sea that covers 60% of its surface. The world is notable for its dramatic mountainscapes and crystal forests. The largest city on Chador is Markaze with over ten million permanent residents.

Kael: A cool temperate world of mountains and steppe that hosts a small agricultural colony of 17,000.

Li Yong: An unsettled world whose continents are covered by vast mountain ranges and barren plateaus.

Neruta: A dark stormy world orbiting a distant blue giant. Neruta is covered with turbulent seas and shrouded by near constant rain. Each of the continent-sized islands is covered by huge mechanized cities. Neruta’s chief export is fresh water.

Nesia (Auilai): A warm tropical world covered in crystal blue oceans. The human inhabitants live in cities located on several archipelagos. The planet’s only spaceport is located in the city of Leanaha. The planet is home to an indiginous aquatic species of ichthyoids known as Auilaini. 

Raghav: A dismal dry world under a dim sun. Home to the Temple of the Stars, an ancient place of evil and home to the legendary wizard Kaschei the Deathless. The planet is devoid of all life. The shallow seas long ago dried up leaving a vast petrified world. The world seems to absorb all life force and many believe it is haunted by ethereal creatures. The world is in perpetual twilight. Since there is no water in the atmosphere, both day and night skies are full of stars.

Shamus: A terrestrial world historically ruled by an ancient monarchy. The planet has been placed under martial law and its population has been bonded into forced labor camps to provide food for the base at Chador. The monarchy fled into exile.

Tarapchak: A gas giant with a floating tibanna gas mining colony of 3,000.

Trondar: A cold icy world with massive mountain ranges. The icy plains are inhabited by human barbarians led by Lord Yopa Templar while subterranean cities in the mountains are home to the Dero. The only spaceport facility on Trondar is a small landing pad at the tiny trading village of Handelssted.

Tyr: A desolate world split by deep fissures. Mines extract ore from the fissures and process them in refineries on the planet’s surface. Tyr is administered by Imperial Governor Karriag