The Riptide

The ship known as the Riptide is a Deep Water-class light freighter of Mon Calamari design.

One of the earliest examples of Mon Calamari ship design-predated only by the similar (and plainly named) Mon Calamari Light Freighter-is the DeepWater-class freighter. Mon Cal shipwrights developed the vessel as a commercial shipping craft, the backbone of a proposed planetary trading service. The Mon Calamari Commercial Expeditionary Service was eventually-and abruptly-dissolved by the Empire and the fleet of light freighters were sold at auction to private owners. Roughly 10,000 such vessels were produced.

Like most Mon Calamari designs, individual DeepWater freighters are slightly different, crafted as unique works of art rather than a mass-produced homogenous ships. However, most DeepWaters are roughly similar in size, shape and internal construction; the exterior differences are largely cosmetic. The DeepWater is a fairly standard light freighter, with a small crew complement, modest cargo space and durable engines. Asingle top mounted laser turret and better than average hull armor and shielding supply the craft's main defenses. Acivilian-grade sensor package is housed in a deployment dome on the DeepWater's underside. In addition, the craft has different types of landing gear that can be deployed as needed: a landing claw (to stabilize the ship when docking with another vessel or an asteroid), standard landing gear and inflatable puncture-proof pontoons for landing on water.

The DeepWater has one other unique feature: it is submersible, capable of landing on ocean floors or sea beds up to a depth of one kilometer. While underwater, the ship's primary thrust and maneuverability are supplied by a magnetohydrodynamic engine.

Before traveling underwater, a DeepWater must repressurize the interior atmosphere and reconfigure the shield system. When traveling in space, thevessel's design is intended to keep pressure and atmosphere in; when underwater, the interior air pressure and hull bracing must be aitered to keep water and pressure out. The shield system must be adjusted to withstand the awesome pressures of ocean depth (and to prevent water from entering and damaging key electronic systems). This configuration cannot withstand blaster bolts and only a minuscule amount of physical damage, and thus must be altered again for space travel.

Craft: Mon Calamari DeepWater-class light freighter
Type: Light freighter
Scale: Starfighter
Length: 45 meters
Skill: Space transports: DeepWater
Crew: 1 or 2
Crew Skill: Varies widely
Passengers: 6
Cargo Capacity: 85 metric tons
Consumables: 2 months
Cost: 99,000
Hyperdrive Multiplier: x2
Hyperdrive Backup: x15
Nav Computer: Yes
Maneuverability: 1D
Space: 6
Atmosphere: 330; 950 kmh
Hull: 3D
Shields: 2D (in space); provides (+1 versus physical damage in aquatic mode)
Sensors: Passive: 15/0D Scan: 30/2D Search: 65/2D+2 Focus: 5/2D+2

Laser Turret
Fire Arc: Turret
Crew: 1
Skill: Starship gunnery
Fire Control: 2D
Space Range: 1-3/12/25
Atmosphere Range: 100-300/1.2/2.5
Damage: 5D