The Lost Mine of Phandelver - Dungeons and Dragons

Chapter 1
The Lost Mine of Elder Flinch

The party is ambushed by goblins raiders.

Chapter 2

The party explores the goblin caves searching for their employer. They make a deal with a devious goblin, get smacked around by a really tough bugbear, are double-crossed, then deprive an enterprising ogre of his occupation.

Chapter 3
We'll buy all the pots!

The party explores the village of Flinch, meet some nice people, run afoul of some ruffians, and head to their secret base underneath the ruins of the old manor house.

Chapter 4
The Return of Meek!

The party interrogates a red orc chieftain, find the lost mine of Elder Flinch, and finally confront the Black Spider and his evil henchmen!

Chapter 5

The party catches up to the wizard Glasstaff, then we switch to some action in the real world as the group becomes involved in a true crime story that involves Russian crooks, a late-night car chase, the intervention of the police, and the return of a stolen vehicle!

Chapter 6

The party seeks out the castle hide-out of the Cragmaw goblinoids. There they encounter some devious goblins, hobgoblins, and bugbears, a duplicitous shape-changer, and a rampaging owl-bear!

Chapter 7
The Doppelganger

The party asks the questions: If it's a necromancer, is it really murder? Was killing Glasstaff the right thing to do? Should we fight a green dragon? Are Banshees inherently evil? The answer to all of the above is "Hopefully Not!"

Chapter 8
The Black Spider

The party helps a lonely farmer deal with an ogre, gains two new adventurers, is ambushed by  hobgoblins, is almost undone by a doppelganger, and take on a tribe of Red Orcs!

Chapter 9
Not My Forte'!

The party interrogates a red orc chieftain, finds the lost mine of Elder Flinch, and finally confronts the Black Spider and his evil henchmen!

Chapter 10
The Flaming Skull
The party meets a deranged magical guardian, runs away from a frightening apparition, eradicates a flock of bloodthirsty stirges, dismantles a troop of skeletons, barely defeats a pack of ghouls, loses one of their own against a room full of bugbears, bypasses a glowing skull, and loses another of their own against the remaining ghouls.

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