Out of the Abyss - Dungeons and Dragons

Chapter 1
Prisoners of the Drow
Fifteen strangers find themselves the prisoners of an evil subterranean race of sadistic elves.

Chapter 2
Into Darkness
Fifteen strangers stage a prison break and escape into the maze-like caverns of the Underdark.

Chapter 3
The fugitives visit the kuo toa village of Sloobludop and witness the awakening of a powerful evil!

Chapter 4
Hunting Horrors in the Dark
The fugitives are separated by an earthquake, encounter a band of dwarf traders and some escaped slaves, and finally run afoul of some hook horrors and some gnolls!

Chapter 5
Lost and Alone
One of the fugitives tries to murder Angolwen and leaves her to wander alone in the Underdark where she comes across were-rats and is attacked by an overly familiar ochre jelly. Later, the party continues its journey to Gracklstugh, encountering hostile goblin raiders, gas leaks, and a deadly grick ambush!

Chapter 6
Thrilling Escape!
The fugitives from Velkenvelve escape their drow pursuers and continue their journey through the Underdark, encountering giant fire beetles, an orog ambush, an insane stone giant, a mute elf, and an erudite orog scholar named Blurg.

Chapter 7
The City of Blades
The fugitives enter Gracklstugh, the City of Blades, go shopping, and how could they NOT wind up getting involved in machinations between factions?!

Chapter 8
The Whorlstone Tunnels
Virtue meets a fat dragon. Later, the fugitives have an audience with the leader of the stone giants then decide to visit derro territory where they follow Droki into some trippy psychedelic tunnels. 

Chapter 9
The Grey Alchemist
The fugitives capture and interrogate the Grey Alchemist then set about exploring more of the Whorlstone Tunnels where they encounter a trio of two-headed grimlocks and a mad xorn!

Chapter 10
The Obsidian Obelisk
The fugitives from Velklenvelve explore the Whorlstone Tunnels and discover a strange black obelisk guarded by a derro savant and her alien servant!

Chapter 11
The Curse of the Derro
The fugitives face an old friend, make a new friend, and confront a coven of demon-worshiping derro!

Chapter 12
Secrets and Spies
Virtue hatches a baby dragon and the party ramps up the political drama and factional machinations while preparing to leave Gracklstugh.

Chapter 13
The Lost Tomb of Khaem
The Fugitives from Velkenvelve steal a lakeboat and escape Gracklstugh. They are attacked by merrow and lose one of their number! Later, they are lured to a lost tomb by a strange telepathic voice and must face the ghost of an ancient sorcerer.

Chapter 14
Neverlight Grove
The fugitives from Velkenvelve arrive at Neverlight Grove and deal with a troublesome infestation.

Chapter 15
Treachery on the Darklake
The fugitives meet a mysterious stranger who may either provide a cure to Pain's spore disease, or spell their DOOM!

Chapter 16
The Oozing Temple
A cave-in traps the fugitives in a lost temple to forgotten gods where they encounter oozes, slimes, and cubes of acidic gelatin.

Chapter 17
The fugitives explore Blingdenstone - City of a Million Minor Quests

Chapter 18
Neheedra's Lair
The fugitives from Velkenvelve take on a... what's the word for a group of gelatinous cubes?

Then they return to Rockblight and face a deadly medusa! SPOILER ALERT- A player accidentally cheats and not everyone will make it out alive!

Chapter 19
Ogremoch's Bane
The fugitives face opposition while trying to re-consecrate a corrupted shrine. Later, they fend off a horde of animated statues under the control of a malevolent gaseous entity!

Chapter 20
Stoneheart Quarry
The Fugitives from Velkenvelve take on a perilous mission to save the Stoneheart Enclave from a drow trap!

Chapter 21
Goldwhisker Warrens
The Fugitives from Velkenvelve head a diplomatic mission into wererat territory in Blingdenstone.

Chapter 22
The Battle for Blingdenstone
The Overworlders partake in a daring raid to find and kill the Pudding King in the latest chapter of Out of the Abyss!

Chapter 23
Out of the Abyss
The fugitives finally face off with Mistress Ilvara as they try to exit the Underdark in this final episode of the first half of Out of the Abyss

Chapter 24
The heroes are summoned to an audience with King Bruenor of Gauntlgrym where they must form an unlikely alliance and lead a dangerous expedition back into the mysterious subterranean realm known as the Underdark.

Chapter 25
The Journey to Mantol-Derith
The heroes make an epic journey to the hidden city of Mantol-Derith.

Chapter 26
Trouble in Mantol-Derith
The expedition arrives in the neutral trading post of Mantol-Derith only to find everything in chaos. Can they find the missing gem and bring the four factions back together?

Chapter 27
An Elderly Beholder is Assassinated
The heroes must fight to save their Zhentarim contact from a drow assassin! Making war is difficult but making peace can be harder. Can the heroes patch things up between the duergar and the svirfneblin so they can purchase new crossbow bolts?

Chapter 28
Descent into the Depths
Not everything is as it appears as the expedition is ambushed by a treacherous succubus on their way to Gravenhollow!

Chapter 29
The Fiendish Menagerie of Amarith Coppervein
Who would keep a zoo of demons? Amarith Coppervein, that's who! When the demons break free and run wild throughout the zoo the team must mount a rescue mission to save the zoo keeper!

Chapter 30
The Chasm Bridge
The party foregoes paying an exorbitant toll to cross a safe bridge and instead opt for the more dangerous route of ambush and betrayal.

Chapter 31
The Bridge of Doom
The expedition must cross a heavily defended toll bridge owned by a wily wizard on their way to Gravenhollow.

Chapter 32
The expedition finally arrives at the fabled library of the Stone Giants, learn who freed the Demon Lords, and meet a mysterious new friend.

Chapter 33
The Wormwrithings
The expedition encounters several dangers in their search for the egg of a purple worm!

Chapter 34
The Spawning Pool
Willow had a wizard duel on the Chasm Bridge. Later, the expedition encounters some Troglodyte trouble.

Also- Gravity does more damage to the party than any other encounter so far in this campaign!

Chapter 35
The Worm Nursery
The team comes up with an amazing plan to deal with four purple worms!

Chapter 36
The Vast Oblivium
The party sneaks into the Vast Oblivium and confronts the powerful beholder Karazikar and his magical attendants!

Chapter 37
The Holy Radiance of Lathander
The party welcomes Cordon the Priest of Lathander into their trust. They learn about the Maze Engine and undertake a journey to Mantol-Derith. On the way they return to Blingdenstone and meet some old friends.

Chapter 38
The Adamantine Tower
The expedition does some wheeling and dealing in Mantol-Derith. They have a brief stop at Gracklstugh, then its on to the Labyrinth where they encounter a strange metal tower.

Chapter 39
The Spiral of the Horned King
The expedition enters the Labyrinth, meet a wretched gnoll, and fight a minotaur with a mechanical arm!

Chapter 40
The Gallery of Angels

The expedition turns down the suspicious hospitality of a creepy cultist and encounter a platoon of modrons!
They spy upon the dark rituals of Yeenoghu, Demon Prince of Gnolls!
They finally reach the Gallery of Angels where they find.. well.. not what they expected, THAT's for sure!

Out of the Abyss, Chapter 41
The Maze Engine

The Maze Engine is the best encounter of the Out of the Abyss campaign so far!

The heroes finally find the Maze Engine and must race against time to start it before a horrific demon lord can destroy it!

Out of the Abyss, Chapter 42
The Wrath of Baphomet

The party barely manages to escape the destruction of the Maze Engine by Baphomet.

Ront receives a vision from Sovereign Basidia and the party travels into the heart of Auromycos to confront Zuggtmoy the Demon Queen of Fungi.

Out of the Abyss, Chapter 43
The Fetid Wedding

The heroes from the Overworld must battle not one but TWO Demon-Lords to determine the fate of a sleeping god!

Out of the Abyss, Chapter 44
The City of Spiders

The heroes enter into Menzoberranzan, the city of the evil Dark Elves, in search of the grimoire of a mad wizard.

Out of the Abyss, Chapter 45
The Tower Sorcere

The heroes must infiltrate a wizard's laboratory in order to steal a book of dark magicks.

Out of the Abyss, Chapter 46
Rage of Demons

Demon-Lords clash in this apocalyptic conclusion to Out of the Abyss!

Lessons Learned 
from Out of the Abyss
A post-mortem on the campaign.

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