Monday, August 19, 2013

Meet our new dog: Raven C.S. McCracken!

Christa and I have adopted another greyhound. The newest member of our family is Winnie, whom we have re-named Raven C. S. McCracken.

We chose the name Raven C. S. McCracken months ago when we decided that the next dog we own will be named "The Kraken!" so that when we let her loose at the dog park, we can announce, "Release the Kraken!"

The full name, Raven S. McCracken, was inspired by the real life Raven C. S. McCracken, creator of one of the world's most awesome I mean, worst, I mean least appreciated role-playing games: The World of Synnibar!

Plus, Raven is black, so it just fits, and our other greyhound has a full name of Santos L. Halper (named after Bart Simpson's dog's credit card).

Yes. We have a history of coming up with obscure names for our greyhounds. Our first greyhound was named Pazuzu, ostensibly after a gargoyle in Futurama, but really so much more!

Anyway, Raven C. S. McCracken is 6 years old and has a little stubby butt where she lost her tail in an accident at the track. She kind of looks like a little doberman but she's all greyhound, I can assure you! What's even more bizarre, we looked up her history online when we got home and she and Santos are siblings! They share a father! She really is his little sister! That just really blew us away.

Anyway, welcome Raven, aka Little Miss Stumpy-Butt, to our family.