Friday, April 25, 2014

Knott the Warrior

The boy who would become Knott the warrior started out a foundling, who appeared on the outskirts of Wince when he was about 7 summers age, stealing food and clothes from farmhouses and sleeping in barns and haylofts to survive. An old man named Hemphrend the Rope-maker took pity on the boy and started leaving food and clothes out for him. Slowly, he earned the boys trust and took him into his home. Hemphrend started to raise the boy and teach him the basic manners of civilized people and his trade skill, rope-making. He gave the boy the name Knott. Although Knott learned the trade skill, he has too much energy to sit and create rope day after day, and is quickly frustrated by doldrums.

When he was 17 summers of age, a small band of adventurers came through Wince looking to take on retainers. Knot jumped at the chance and has since become a skilled warrior. Knott stands 6 foot 4 inches tall and is well muscled. He has scars all over his body from his childhood of living in the wild. He has dark brown eyes, wild un-kept brown black hair and beard. Knott is brutish, forward and stand-offish with little too no internal filter for this thoughts. He often offends those around him with his words or deeds.