Thursday, April 24, 2014

Absolom of Duirndown

Absolom was born and raised in Durindown, the last of 15 children on a lonely pig farm. As the youngest, Absolom was given all the base menial tasks that his older brothers and sisters did not want, mostly mucking out pig…err…feces. Absolom was never the fastest, strongest or smartest of his family. In fact he was somewhat dim-witted by all accounts. But he always had a smile on his face no matter what grotesque unmentionable stuff he might shoveling. When he was 8, he was apprenticed to the local gong-farmer, which was a stroke of luck! The pay was good, almost ten pennies a week! (although most of this went to his parents) and he felt important as his small size (at the time, he’s now kind of on the heavy-set side) allowed him into the small privy catches that needed mucked out every night. And all the farmers loved to see him and his mule Delilah and their all-important dung-cart rumbling up the hillside!

 As fate would have it, Delilah died a week before events that led to Absolom becoming an adventurer. Without a mule to pull the cart and no money to replace Delilah, Abosolom went with the other young men and women to the standing stones, having heard rumor that great treasure would be soon available to them all when the stars aligned. Surviving the adventure, Absolom was gripped with a divine passion. He had received the call of Justica, the goddess of Justice, and took the vows of a peregrine acolyte of justice. Since this time, Absolom has proven himself an able, if not entirely competent ecclesiast. But his warm smile and cheerful attitude is always welcome in the group. Absolom is about 5 foot 10 inches tall and heavy set. His eyes are blue and hair a dirty blonde. He is friendly and outgoing, and maybe just a touch na├»ve.