Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Mages of Bhaakru

Illustration by Christian Conkle

The Mages of Bhaakru are an order of wizards, sorcerers, and thaumaturgists. There are 24 members of the order. Each member is a master of a specialized form of magic.

  1. Keryodel Mitchak, Master and Head Instructor for Ethereal Physiology Analytical Studies 
  2. Yondel the Injurious, Master of Destructive Proverbs 
  3. Omod the Incessant, Drover of the Howling Black 
  4. Thrice-born Guillarme, Lord of Ash 
  5. Massimo Pellipar Benari, High Adept of the Scalding Spire 
  6. Madame Corvax, Sage of the Inverse Serpent 
  7. Calla'dara the Lusty, Mistress of Manipulation 
  8. Avgred Horath, Superluminary Aetherweaver 
  9. Beetledrum the Absent-Minded, Supreme Benefactor of Accidental Mayhem Magic 
  10. Vapula, Master Alchemist of the Venerable Order of the Emerald Exodus 
  11. Possuvex the Most Puissant Magister of the Puccoon Hexes 
  12. Umtrios the Delusive, Supreme Illusionist of the Hidden Court 
  13. Fat Mongrel the Obdurate 
  14. Tramga the New, Initiate of the Fifth Shard 
  15. Feyjer Wolf, Spawn of the Protean Chaos 
  16. Svorr the Elder, Keeper of the Nth Aeon 
  17. Hailoon the Mystic, Master of the Blinded Eye. 
  18. Goram the Salamander, Master of the Soulflame. 
  19. Jessra the Knight, Master of the Warrior’s Way. 
  20. Mezzer the Ringlord, Master of the Enchanter’s Loop 
  21. Sandorex the Supernumerary, Purveyor of Ontological Ennui 
  22. Meefallanananfanganan the Metamathematical, Minister of Meteorological Mellifluence 
  23. Gaitexthe the Sporn, Disciple of Roving Gortlflexiyon 
  24. Dorex the Depraved, Sultan of 796 Succulent Sins
Given that membership is for life, the roster is surprisingly fluid. The order suffers a 11-16 percent annual turnover rate as members are killed or mysteriously disappear. 

The Mages meet quarterly at each solstice and equinox. The solstice gatherings are business related and are usually convened to deal with matters of great import while equinox gatherings are more casual social networking affairs. Individual mages will correspond, cooperate, and fraternize from time to time and certain social cliques and political factions exist between like-minded members. The Grand Magus is selected at special meetings held at each solar eclipse at the headquarters located atop Mount Mashushammu in the southern deserts of Agartha.

The Mages will also respond to urgent summons at times when the entire universe faces great peril. Smaller groups will be assigned by the Grand Magus to deal with lesser threats. Forty years ago, eight of the twenty-four Mages were tasked with saving the the dwarfish city of Duirndown from the corruption of the elder chaos titan Zoggolorth. The Octet were unable to defeat Zoggolorth and the city fell. In their retreat, they placed eight magical seals were upon the gates leading to the city. Each gate could only be opened with a magical key.

The outer-most key was created by Fezoon the Cerulean, who in turn entrusted it to Guirn, the nominal leader the dwarfish exiles. In time, the key passed to Guirn's son, Huirn, who used the key to unlock the gate, seeking forgotten treasures left within. Huirn was killed during that expedition and the key passed to Squire Valerius of Duirndown.

Edit to add: I should point out that I had some marvelous help coming up with some of the names above.
#1 was created by Jeff Mason, #3-6 were created by Senator Cybus and #21-24 were created by Michael Tree, both over at RPG.Net. #7 by R.S. Tilton, #8 by Noah Stevens, #9 by Impact Miniatures, and #10 by John Sayler over at the DCC G+ Community, amd #17-20 were by Jeff Low.