Thursday, April 25, 2013

The FP is EPIC!

First things first. The FP is an epic film. It's a 2011 film that's currently available on Netflix Streaming. It's an homage/parody of 80's direct-to-video fighter movies about some kind of underground fighting arena, like any of the dozens of Bloodsport knock-offs. The schtick is, however, instead of fighting, the FP is a bout the underground world of high-stakes Dance Dance Revolution  Beat Beat Revelation. The film is the best kind of parody: It's not only funny, it's one of hte best examples of the genre its trying to emulate. Other great examples include Black Dynamaite, Galaxy Quest, Planet Terror, and Shawn of the Dead.

The genius of the FP is that it takes itself SO SERIOUSLY! The only hints that this is a parody are plot elements that are just intentionally over-the-top. If the movies it emulates took their plots to 11, the FP takes its plot to 12!

It's a movie where two rival gangs vie for control of Dawn's Liquor Mart, the only liquor store in the rural California town of Frazier Park (the FP), through underground duels of Beat Beat Revolution. In the opening scene, the main character's older brother dies in an especially intense match against the leader of the rival gang. The main character, named JTRO, who wears an eye-patch by the way, gives up BBR and becomes a logger. He is lured back into the scene when he learns that L-dubbah-E, the leader of the rival gang, has shut down the liquor store. All the drunks in town have now switched to meth and crack, causing the town to go downhill. What's worse, without alcohol there are no bums. Without bums, there's no one to feed the ducks. Who's gonna feed the mutha-fuckin ducks, yo?

A lot of the promotional material for the movie says its in a dystopian post-apocalyptic future. Don't believe any of that. It's in the modern day normal city of Frazier Park, and that makes it truly hilarious.

Anyway, Christa and I laughed our butt off. And I thoroughly recommend this film for anyone who appreciates a good combination of the sublime and the rediculous.