Out of the Abyss DM Resources

Out of the Abyss has a lot of moving parts. There's a lot of NPCs with a lot of conflicting agendas. There are planned encounters and random encounters and location-based encounters all mixed together.

I created the following documents to help me run Chapter 1 and Chapter 2.

Chapter 1: Prisoners of the Drow

NPC combat statistics
This contains a list of all the NPCs in this section along with their high-level combat statistics at a glance.

NPC Pictures
My friend Josh Tran put together this sheet with pictures of all the NPCs. I gave each of the players a copy of this to help them visualize who was whom.

Chapter 2: Into Darkness

Into Darkness Notes
The agenda I prepared for running session 2, "Into Darkness".

Daily Checklist
This checklist will help you remember all the little rules and daily rolls that have to happen to track the drow pursuit, food and water foraged.

Daily Resource Tracker and Random Encounter Spreadsheet
I designed this spreadsheet to help me track their pursuit level and food and water foraged/consumed. It also includes a feature that automatically rolls the random encounters for me - just the high level though, I didn't have time to factor in all the sub-tables and derivative results.