Friday, July 29, 2016

The Secret Origin of Hiroshima Overdrive

A Tale from the Lost Journals of the Hyperion Society

The man known today as "Hiroshima Overdrive" was born Hoshi Overton in the year 1900 in Hiroshima, Japan. He was the son of an American medical doctor and his Japanese wife.

His family moved to London, England, in 1912.

Overton joined the British army in July 1917 and served in World War I as a stretcher bearer. It was during the war that Hoshi became involved in the Battle of Cambrai. Despite receiving a serious wound that cost him his right eye, Hoshi was instrumental in the rescue of nearly a dozen wounded soldiers from the battlefield in the face of enemy gunfire. For his bravery, Hoshi was awarded the Military Medal for valor and the Wound Stripe.

After the war, Overton attended Cambridge College and earned degrees in engineering, electronics, and physics.

Overton moved to Santa Fe, New Mexico, in 1932 to live his dream of becoming a real life cowboy and rancher.

Hoshi was tending to his cattle one day in 1933 when he experienced an unusual seizure. He blacked out and fell off his horse. When he awoke he was a changed man with a new identity. His life had a new purpose. He was suddenly obsessed with ancient artifacts and the mythology of Atlantis.

He immediately found, without searching or research, a mysterious mountain cave near his home. Within the cave were strange artifacts which were not of native origin and appeared to be incredibly ancient. Using the pseudonym "Hiroshima Overdrive" he immediately began his global search for additional artifacts of so-called "Atlantean" origin. He has also waged a one-man war against the Nazi Thule-Gesellschaft and its top agents Doctor Vortex and the young prodigy Mädchen Gegner. His exploits earned him an invitation to the elite Hyperion Society the following year.

Unknown to most is that "Hiroshima Overdrive" is, in truth, the identity of 80-year-old Hoshi Overton, a time traveler from the future.

In Hoshi's original timeline, he continued to live the life of a quiet rancher and eccentric inventor. In 1940 Hoshi refused an offer to work on a top secret military project for the U.S. government. Hoshi's ranch was seized in 1942 and for a while Hoshi lived in exile.

Throughout the 1950s and 60s, Hoshi was contracted by the Japanese Self Defense Force to design advanced weaponry for use in the defense against the mysterious megafauna that plagued the island. It was during this period that he gained the nickname "Hiroshima Overdrive" for his timeless efforts in fighting for the safety of Japan.

Hoshi spent many months studying and exploring the mysterious Bonin Islands where, with Overton's help, the JSDF task force had managed to exile and contain the giant monsters. There he discovered the underwater ruins of an ancient civilization and recovered strange artifacts he called "power crystals".

Hoshi finally returned to the United States in 1962. He regained possession of his ranch and laboratory and continued his research into the strange power crystals.

In 1975, Doctor Hoshi Overton published an academic paper on his theories regarding psychic time travel utilizing these strange power crystals. Overton was ostracized by much of the mainstream scientific community. The following year Hoshi met Doctor Mädchen Gegner. Doctor Gegner was an expert on the power crystals and was likewise ostracized for her work.

For five years the pair collaborated on creating the Prometheus Engine. The Prometheus Engine would allow one to transmit their mind back to an earlier point in their lives. One could re-live their entire life with the the knowledge and experience of their older selves. The only drawback was that the journey was a one-way trip. The act of sending one's mind back reset time to that point and erased the future.

In 1980, Hoshi discovered that Gegner was a member of a secret Neo-Nazi cabal. It was her intention to use the Prometheus Engine to travel back to 1933 to prevent the fall of Nazi Germany in World War 2. Hoshi confronted Gegner about her duplicity. During the confrontation, Gegner attempted to use the Prometheus Engine. Overton tried to stop her. In the ensuing struggle, both minds were simultaneously sent back to 1933.

The 80-year-old Hoshi woke in his 33-year-old body knowing that, somewhere in the world, Gegner was waking in her 17-year-old body.

Hoshi pledged his life to stopping Doctor Gegner. He knew that her first task would be to locate more power crystals and build a new Prometheus Engine. With such a device, she could ensure that any defeat could be reset and undone. Hoshi immediately began his search for the crystals so that he could stop her. He began using the eccentric pseudonym "Hiroshima Overdrive" to mask his efforts in hunting her down.

By 1936. Hiroshima Overdrive, nee Hoshi Overton, is a globetrotting inventor, explorer, and adventurer often described as "The Man of Tomorrow" for his private technological innovations which he refuses to share, sell, or mass-produce. His actions have brought him into conflict with Gegner's close ally Doctor Vortex and the other members of the Thule-Gesellschaft.

His invitation into the Hyperion Society provided an excellent platform for his mission to stop Doctor Gegner and her Nazi allies!