Tuesday, June 16, 2015

There's a Lot Going On!

I recently laid out all the major plots going on in this campaign:
  • The Yuan Ti tried and failed to resurrect the ancient Naga Kings to bring back the ancient Serpent Man Empire. They also have several shape-changers in positions of power.
  • The Ice King tried and failed to merge the prime material plane with the plane of ice under the rulership of the titan Cryonax.
  • The wizard Horan is doing something sinister (possibly several things) in the lost city of Sinopia with the help of the Yuan Ti, Bullywugs, and Lizard Men.
  • The peasantry of Thither are on the verge of overthrowing the nobility in a revolution.
  • The country of Kalmath is trying to invade the Xanthus River Valley on its way south. They are being held back by Princess Murti and Valerius.
  • The gnomes of Xuris are using finance and a secret army of shape-changers to manipulate events and gain power.
  • The wizard Ezekiel is doing something with the titan Ogremoch.
  • Asmodeus is trying to free the Baatezu from their imprisonment in Hell so they can re-conquer Heaven.
  • Pirates are raiding the Xanthus River.
  • Some wizard in the north is trying to do something, probably bad.
Man, there's a lot going on!