Monday, February 2, 2015

Epilogue of the Deception Pass and the Fates of Kalmath

After the rebellion in Kalmath settled down, Valerius and company returned to the secret citadel with Sablius and a small army of workers. While the workers and masons set about fixing up the citadel, Valerius led an expedition to Mount Ignoit to search for the lair of the legendary bronze dragon Pitala. They found the lair but the dragon had been slain several years ago by the Oni brothers. There was no home here for Sablius.

The company returned to the secret citadel to oversee repairs and improvements. The citadel would become the new base of operations for the company and Valerius' home.

Valerius sent Joroon and Gravy to Swallow with a message for his wife. She was to join him at the secret citadel. Once completed, they were free to follow whatever path they wished.

Aline joined them on their return trip to Swallow. She had business and research to perform at  the magic shop and secret academy known as "Wizards Only, Fools!"

Other general news from around the valley:

  • Snow is falling in the valley. Snow is not unheard of in the upper elevations of the mountains, but rarely does it reach the rivers, even in the highlands of the upper river valley. The effect seems to be centered around Mount Zacha.
  • Feisty never returned to Flinch. Valerius presumes that Harra Thorntooth had her killed in order to take over Flinch. 
  • Harra Thorntooth, for her part, is interested in investing in rebuilding the secret citadel and fortifying the Defile of Castragon. Daro (Dwarfs) are returning to the Lost Mine of Elder Flinch and gold and atuta dhatu (metal used in magical weapons) will be flowing out of the mine soon. Flinch is once more poised to capitalize on trade between the east and the west.
  • Valerius sent letters to each of the archons asking for support in securing the Defile of Castragon. Other than Harra Thorntooth, none of the archons were able to provide any assistance. 
  • There was a worker uprising in the port city of Thither. The uprising was led by Bomont Oacha but was put down by the city guard and mercenaries hired by the patricians. 
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The Menace of the Swords through the Gate of the Icy Spire

A new story of the Xanthus River Valley with an exciting new team of adventurers: Joroon's Dragoons!