Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Elapsed Campaign Time

We started playing in the Xanthus River Valley back in January. I originally created the setting for Dungeon Crawl Classics. The first adventure was the funnel adventure "The Portal Under the Stars". I'm assuming that adventure takes place during the summer solstice, which places it on June 21st.

After a four months of DCC, my players wanted to switch to something more traditional, less lethal, and less random, so we switched to Advanced Dungeons and Dragons. I kept the chapter numbers consecutive because we were playing the same characters in the same setting. It was a straight continuation of events.

We played AD&D for four months and decided to switch to the recently released Dungeons and Dragons Fifth Edition. I restarted the chapter numbers because we were telling a new story with new characters, albeit in the same setting.

I have cataloged the elapsed time in the game world, adding up all the overnight rests and the various weeks of recuperation, training, and down time.

The following spreadsheet is the result.

Adding up all the elapsed days brings us to a current date in the campaign of November 1st, which is about what I've been describing. Winter is coming and the air is getting colder.

Of course, after I started describing the oncoming winter, I remembered that the Xanthus River Valley is set in a sub-tropical latitude, roughly equivalent to that of Kyushu island in Japan. The lowlands are steamy jungles while the highlands have an oceanic climate with little seasonal variation. At best, it should have a rainy summer and a dry winter.

So I've decided to make this discrepancy a plot point. Something for the player characters to investigate.