Thursday, March 13, 2014

Xanthus River Valley map, Player Version

The Xanthus River Valley is composed of soaring mountain peaks, rocky crags, high plateaus, and wide vistas. This means much of the valley is actually visible. This makes a proper hex-crawl where the players fill in the map as they go less appropriate since characters can just look up and see whats in that hex. In addition, there are enough people who travel the rivers to just tell you what's up that river, they were there yesterday.

However, there are still areas of the map that are occluded by mountains and ridges. These valleys, forests, and jungle areas are still a mystery since few people go there and they can't be directly observed, even from the taller vantage points.

So here is a map of the Xanthus River Valley that players can use,with white hexes indicating the blind spots that you can't see and where nobody routinely goes. This will be the map I give my players this week. The text is left in because they have been told that's what can be found there.