Sunday, February 9, 2014

The Seven Sources of Magic

Agarthan Magic derives its power from the seven supernatural planes of existence, extra-dimensional realms parallel and coterminous with our own. There are various points of access between our world and the seven worlds of magic, allowing creatures, gods, entities, and even the player characters to cross back and forth.

The seven sources of magic are as follows:

  1. The Counterworld
  2. The Otherworld
  3. The Underworld
  4. The Overworld
  5. The Shadowworld
  6. The Innerworld
  7. The Outerworld
The Counterworld, or Mirror Universe, is a parallel dimension to our own. Everything and everyone that exists within our world exists within the Counterworld, only there it is a twisted and evil parody of our existence. The Counterworld is the source of anti-magic and meta-magic spells. The Counterworld can be accessed through magical mirrors and reflective pools.

The Otherworld, also known as Faerie, Fairyland, Elfland, Tir-na-Nog, and by other names, is a realm of thought and energy. There is no physical matter in the Otherworld. The Otherworld is the source of magical animus, creativity, and energy. It is the source of all natural magic and life magic. It is from the Otherworld that elves and fairies come. In our world, these normally ethereal spirits take on mortal form. The Otherworld can be accessed through faerie circles, stone circles, and sacred groves in ancient forests. 

The Underworld or Netherworld, sometimes called Hell, Tartarus, or the Abyss, is a volcanic land of earth and fire, bottomless chasms, and vast chambers. It is a realm of pain and torment and is the source of pain-based magic and diabolism. The Netherworld is the realm of dark gods. Demons, devils, and asuras hail from this accursed place. The souls of evil beings are collected by the gods of this realm to feed their metaphysical appetites. The Underworld can be accessed through certain deep fissures and caves or through magic demon-circles and blood sacrifices.

The Overworld, known by some as Heaven, Olympus, Elysium, and other pleasant names, is an ethereal realm of light and goodness. It is a realm inhabited by good gods and demi-gods and is the home of angels, devas, and saints. The souls of good beings are rescued by the gods and servants of this realm to spend eternity under their protective authority. The Overworld is the source of all holy miracles, true reincarnation resurrection, and healing magic. The Overworld can be accessed through magic circles and portals or after performing lengthy ceremonies.

The Shadowworld is known by some as Limbo, Purgatory, Hades, or the Shadowlands. It is a grey misty realm of nothingness. The souls of neutral beings are reborn into this realm to spend eternity. The Shadowworld is the most difficult realm to access with no known entrances from our world. Only beings native to one of the other magical realms may enter the Shadowworld. The Shadowworld is the source of all necromancy and darkness magic.

The Innerworld, also called the Dream World or the World of Illusion, is created by the shared unconscious of all living beings. It is a realm of dream, imagination, and fantasy. It can be accessed through dream or the consumption of magical elixirs and drugs. A few portals exist beneath giant trees deep in ancient forests. The Innerworld is the source of all illusion, sleep magic, and wish magic.

The Outerworld, or Astral Plane, is a strange realm of chaos at the edge of existence. The Outerworld surrounds all the other magical planes, touching each of them as well as our own, and stretches into infinity. The deep recesses of the Outerworld is the home of aliens, the Outer Gods, and powerful entities such as Ulutuk and the other Ancient Ones. The Outerworld is the source for all travel magic, astral magic, and stellar magic.