Friday, November 22, 2013

U.N.I.T.E.D., D.E.F.E.N.D.E.R.S., and A.E.G.I.S.

Within my Silver Age Sentinels setting, there are three groups whose presence dominates all aspects of super-hero life: UNITED, DEFENDERS, and AEGIS.

UNITED. stands for the United Nations Integrated Task-Force for Extraordinary Defense. It was established by the UN in the early fifties to investigate and counter super-normal threats to peace. UNITED is a massive organization with an international mandate.

UNITED is comprised of numerous divisions. Chief among these are the DEFENDERS, and AEGIS.

DEFENDERS stands for Duty Equality Freedom Extra-National Defenders of Earth Region Super-heroic. DEFENDERS is an organized network of super-powered agents. DEFENDERS is the modern descendant of the legendary Liberty Defenders of World War II.

DEFENDERS has chapters in most major cities. Each chapter consists of 5-6 super-powered beings. Each chapter reports to an administrator assigned to coordinate the activities of all affiliated super-powered beings within that theater of operations. Each chapter is given a numerical designation. For example, the Pacific City Chapter is known as DEFENDERS-5.  DEFENDERS-6 is located in Portland and DEFENDERS-28 is headquartered in San Francisco.

DEFENDERS-5 currently consists of Bolter, Arclight, El Montana, Typhoon, and Myst. An earlier roster included Cosmic Storm, the Kyle, Shield Maiden, String Theory, and Wounded Knee, all of whom have either been reassigned or have retired from service.

AEGIS stands for the Alliance for Enforcement of Global Integrity and Security. It is an international armed force that serves an intelligence-gathering and special forces role for UNITED. It is primarily comprised of baseline agents but has several superhuman operatives. AEGIS is the equivalent of SHIELD or UNIT. Its operations are generally covert and classified. AEGIS personnel are divided into Agents, Operatives, and Support. Agents are mission leaders. A single agent oversees and coordinates the work of several operatives and support on a given mission. AEGIS also directly supports DEFENDERS. The support personnel of DEFENDERS technically work for AEGIS, and AEGIS operatives often work directly and cooperatively with DEFENDERS on missions. AEGIS also serves as a check against the super-powered DEFENDERS.