Sunday, March 10, 2013

A Pendragon and Dungeon Crawl Classics Update

We played Pendragon on Friday. It is 514, the year Arthur and Guinevere get married. We were sent off to some well to obtain the special water that would end the geas placed on King Pellinore. On the way, we met a fairy night named Sir Lance who challenged us to some new-fangled jousting rules before we could cross a river. We actually one pretty handily, surprisingly.

Once at the well, we were challenged by the fairy guardian to a test of chastity and honesty. My knight, Sir Hyll, has a Lustful rating of 17 out of 20! He wasn't about to take that challenge (ahem). Luckily we had some chaste and honest knights who were able to bring back the water.

We returned to whichever castle Arthur was staying at (Camelot hasn't been built yet) in time for the wedding. At the feast, we provided our gifts to the king and his bride, and got gifts in return. Sir Hyll received the services of a legal scholar to teach him Roman laws. Afterwards, Sir Hyll fell deeply and passionately in love with Queen Guinevere (Amore: 28) but he knows he must never act on this devotion (That'll be for Lancelot).

Dungeon Crawl Classics
On Sunday, we picked up where we left off in our DCC campaign, floating down the river in our newly acquired magical dragon boat. We eventually come across a small rivers-side village which we players named Wince (the village we started from, btw, we decided was named Swallow). We stopped there to buy provisions, rest up, purchase armor, etc. Our priest of Cthulhu tried to recruit some locals to his cult, and scored a convert! Tempest, one of the villagers we just rescued, became an initiate.

Later, we learned of an abandoned wizard's tower, wracked by constant magical lightning, that is probably filled with treasure. So we head off. We get hit with lightning a few times trying to get in the door, but our priest was able to revive us. We get in and do some exploring, we head to the basement first, find a locked door, then head upstairs. We find a wizard trapped in a circle. My character, Kevin (the former tax collector, now Lawful Thief) offers to help for.. say... 100 GP each. We enrage the wizard who quickly reverts to his true form, a demon trapped in the circle. Kevin, of course, raises the price, "Okay, how about 200 GP.. each. Can you show us the money?" Everyone else quickly dragged Kevin away.

We keep exploring the tower. We find a techno-magic elevator that leads us to higher floors and hidden rooms. We also find a ghost guarding a magical portal. The ghost challenges us to a game of skill. Our priest took the challenge, so our DM Ben got down a game that involved stacking wood bits, like Jenga. Cody, who plays the priest, soon lost, and the priest was disintegrated.

WHAT??? We all shout! Uh! Uh! What???

Yep, gone. So I had my back-up character, Thisbee the Useless Halfling, take a shot. I lost too, Thisbee died. We decided to cut our losses and leave the door alone.

We later found a hidden wizard's laboratory and stole the golden thread out of one of the sewn up cadavers. The innards of the cadaver came to life and attacked us, but the animated intestines were quickly dispatched.

And that's where we left it for the week. We'll pick up next week in the wizard's laboratory.